Irrigation Issues Lead to Water Damage

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Water Damage Scottsdale – Irrigation Issues Lead to Water Damage

Even though we live in the desert, we still love our landscapes. Lush lawns, flowering roses, and colorful bougainvillea make a house feel like home. To enable all of this flora to grow, we rely heavily on our irrigation systems. We have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality about irrigation. In fact, most of our systems run at night, so we would have no idea if irrigation issues could be heading toward water damage Scottsdale.

Potential Irrigation Issues

The best time to run your irrigation system is when it’s cool, usually in the middle of the night or early-morning hours. You and your family sleep; your plants and lawn get watered. It seems like a great situation. That is until something goes wrong.

Some of the challenges you might have that you don’t even know about may include:

  • Clogged irrigation lines
  • Overspray onto sidewalks, brick walls, or the side of your home
  • Plants and grass growing right next to walls
  • Irrigation spigots installed too close the home
  • Broken or leaking hoses and spigots

And these are only the issues you can see. If you have leaks below the ground, the flooding may not be evident until you’re facing water damage in your home.

Conduct Irrigation Inspections

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes too late when you finally learn that you have a leak in your irrigation system. But it doesn’t have to be. You can do some preventative, investigative work right now.

If you know how to manipulate your irrigation timer, turn it on when you’re awake and walk around your entire yard. Of course, you can always plan to be awake when the system is running if you’re unable to manually turn it on when it’s convenient for you.

Look for water spraying in the wrong directions, spraying too vigorously, or not coming out at all. After the sprinkler system has run its course, look for pooled water, which is usually indicative of a problem. Fix issues yourself or call in a landscaping firm to take care of them for you. Water restoration Scottsdale is inevitable.

How Water Damage Occurs

Seeing exactly how your irrigation system works—and inspecting it regularly—will provide valuable insight. Since your lawn and plants are watered when you’re asleep, by the time you wake, most of the water will have been absorbed or evaporated. That means that, if there’s a problem, you wouldn’t know about it until you’re dealing with water damage.

The water damage occurs when there’s too much water in the yard. It could be that your lawn is getting too much water, and it is seeping into the foundation of your home. A damaged foundation represents a hefty price tag.

Another big problem is if your sprinklers are consistently hitting the walls of your block-wall fence or house. Over time, that water can seep into the concrete and either wear away at the wall or lead to mold damage.

Of course, the issue that gets the most headlines is when the house floods due to a leak in the irrigation system. Naturally, that can result in huge water damage, especially if the leak occurs when your family is out of town and the water continues to accumulate over days or weeks.

Don’t Mess Around with Water Damage

If your inspections of your irrigation system reveal leaks or other issues, you might just need to call a landscape company. But if those have been long-term problems, you could be looking at something more. Don’t take chances with water damage or mold.

Doan Restoration is your water damage expert. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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